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How do I open a brokerage account with my Solo 401k?
How do I open a brokerage account with my Solo 401k?
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As self-directed investing becomes more mainstream, we’re finding more and more brokerage houses are able/willing to open an account in the name of the Solo 401k Trust (with you as trustee). There are many brokerage houses out there, all with distinct application processes and stringent regulatory processes to follow.

If you’re opening a brokerage account with another company, you’ll need the information found in your Adoption Agreement and Opinion Letter. These can be found in your Solo 401k documents packet. 

Below are some helpful guides and articles on how to open a brokerage account for your Solo 401k with some of the more common brokerage companies:

(Please note that these applications change/update all the time. We do our best to update the applications. If the ones linked here are slightly out of date, please refer to the brokerage house website to ensure you have the most up to date application. The Schwab application on your Solo 401k dashboard should be up to date with the current Schwab application).

To fill out these applications, you’ll need some basic information about your Solo 401k trust. Here’s where you can find this information:

  • Name/Title of trust: Page 4 of your Adoption Agreement under “The Trust shall be known as”

  • Trustee: Page 4 of your Adoption Agreement under “Plan Trustees”

  • Grantor: This is your Adopting Employer listed on page 2 of your Adoption Agreement above “(the “Employer”)”

  • Trust/Entity Identification Number (EIN): Page 4 of your Adoption Agreement under “Trust ID Number"

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