Yes, the Solo 401k accountholder can perform administrative oversight duties of the Solo 401k.

You can review investment performance and even manage properties owned by your retirement account, but you need to stick to ministerial duties only.

Here are some examples of administrative/ministerial duties:

  • Collecting rents

  • Reviewing investment performance

  • Paying expenses such as insurance and handyman services

Here are examples of what goes beyond administrative/ministerial duties and should be avoided with a Solo 401k owned asset:

  • Physical repair or maintenance to a property owned by the Solo 401k

The ministerial duties must be performed without any pay to your personally or any other disqualified person to avoid triggering a prohibited transaction.

The best time to stop a Prohibited Transaction is before it starts. Make sure to run your investment through our Prohibited Transaction Checking Systemâ„¢ to make sure it passes initial compliance tests!

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