Each brokerage house is different in how they classify their investment-only accounts and applications can update at any time. We have made our best efforts to provide you the most up to date applications here, but please check with TD Ameritrade to ensure you have the right application to open an investment-only brokerage account under your Solo 401k plan and trust.

It's important to remember you're not opening a TD Ameritrade 401k. Rather, your 401k plan and trust are opening an investment-only account with TD Ameritrade.

TD Ameritrade calls these types of accounts "Trust accounts" and they are designed to work with your Solo 401k.

Click here to Review our helpful guide on opening a TD Ameritrade trust account for theSolo 401k

Open TD Ameritrade investment account: No rollovers

If you're simply opening the new investment-only account with TD Ameritrade to get into traditional equities, then your work is done! Fund your TD Ameritrade account with new contributions, calculated from your business income and you're ready to go!

Complete the trust plan application:  Download application here

In Section 1, denote you'll be opening an account for the Solo 401k and that it's a non-TD Ameritrade plan:

In Section 3: Trust Information - include the Trust name, and Trust Tax ID number. The grantor is generally understood to be the Adopting Employer (your business) and you are the employee participant:

In Section 13, tick the checkbox that the plan is not covered under ERISA:

You must complete that section as you are establishing an account for a tax-exempt trust/QRP (qualified retirement plan). 

Include your entire Adoption Agreement and your trust document. These documents can be found in your 401k documents, located on your 401k dashboard.

Note: It is not required you fund the account when submitting the trust account application. 

Fax your application to TD Ameritrade at 866-468-6268.

If you're opening the new investment-only account with TD Ameritrade so you can transfer funds from a pre-existing TD Ameritrade IRA or TD Ameritrade 401k account, the please follow the transfer/rollover tips below.

Open TD Ameritrade investment account: Rolling Over from a TD Ameritrade IRA/401k

  1. Open a trust account (application here) following the instructions above. Include your complete Adoption Agreement and complete trust document. These documents can be found in your 401k documents, located on your 401k dashboard.

  2. Complete the TD Ameritrade internal transfer form (click here to open form)

In the first section, you'll want to complete this as a direct rollover from one retirement plan to another (whether the funds are coming from an IRA or 401k into your new trust account for the Solo 401k):

In Section 2, complete the transfer instructions. You can also elect to transfer the entire account without liquidating and then close the old TD Ameritrade IRA/401k once the direct rollover is complete:

Note: It is not required you fund the account when establishing the trust account. Additionally, you can submit your transfer documents rolling over funds while you establish the new trust account.

What you'll accomplish by following the steps above steps is: 

  1. Opening a new trust account under your Nabers Solo 401k plan

  2. Withdrawing the funds from the TD Ameritrade IRA/401k 

  3. Transferring them to the new trust account with TD Ameritrade and, 

  4. Then accepting the rollover as your own plan administrator.

Fax your application and documents to TD Ameritrade at 877-468-6268.

If you have any questions on completing your trust account application, please contact TD Ameritrade at (800) 276-8746.

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