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Coronavirus-Related Contribution Deadline Extension
Coronavirus-Related Contribution Deadline Extension

You may have more time to make contributions due to the Coronavirus pandemic

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Due to the Coronavirus pandmeic, the government extended the 2019 tax filing deadline to July 15th.

One goal of the CARES Act is to give those affected by the current pandemic access to your retirement funds while minimizing tax consequences and maximizing the ability to return your funds to the Solo 401k where allowed.

Q1. Since the tax deadline was extended to July 15th, is 2019 contributions deadline extended too?

A1. We have not yet received guidance from the IRS that contribution deadlines are extended. However, according to IRS publication 560, you have until the employer tax return is filed to make your contributions. Therefore, if you are not filing until the new July 15th deadline, you can make your contributions until that date as well.

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