Rolling over and transferring funds into your Solo 401k is easy! Let's cover the simple steps to generate a Rollover Request on your Solo 401k dashboard:

Step 1: Log into your Solo 401k dashboard

Step 2: Click on "Rollovers" in the top menu

Step 3: Watch the demo video (6 minutes) - this will show you exactly how to complete the rollover form

Helpful Hint: Most of your information is pre-filled for you!

Input your phone number in the middle section

Input the sending custodian information in the bottom section (this is where the money is coming from)

Step 4: Submit your information

Step 5: Download, print & sign your rollover packet

Step 6: Send the rollover packet to the releasing custodian

Tips to complete the rollover request generator:

  • Have your latest account statement handy - you'll need your account number!

  • Complete one transfer request per account. If you are rolling over an IRA, a 403b and a previous employer 401k, you'll complete this rollover request three times (one per account)

  • If your spouse is rolling over funds, input their name as participant

  • If you are rolling over funds, input your name as participant

  • Enter the releasing custodian information in the bottom section - this includes who is releasing the funds (e.g. Schwab, Voya, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Mass Mutual, American Funds, etc)

  • Always call and make sure you are sending the rollover request in the correct format...some custodians prefer you fax the request. Others will require you mail it. Some will allow you to email it over

  • Many custodians insist you use their rollover/transfer forms. That's OK! Just make sure you are also including your Solo 401k rollover request as it contains valuable information about your direct rollover (aka trustee-to-trustee transfer)

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