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How Quickly Can My Plan Accept Incoming Rollovers?
How Quickly Can My Plan Accept Incoming Rollovers?

Learn how quickly your Solo 401k can get up and running so you can begin investing.

Updated over a week ago

Your Solo 401k is equipped to receive incoming rollovers as soon as your plan documents are prepared and you have a place to deposit those incoming rollover funds.

Remember, Nabers Group is not a bank or brokerage firm. We never handle client funds.

Instead, with a checkbook control plan, you are in complete control. You'll open a bank or brokerage account for your 401k trust (make sure to use our Knowledge Base for helpful guides and step-by-step walk-thrus!).

Once your 401k trust bank or brokerage account is open, you can deposit the incoming rollover check or receive an incoming rollover via wire.

If the rollover check is payable to your 401k trust (and you followed our helpful rollover guide), the incoming rollover should not be taxable. A "direct rollover" or "trustee to trustee" transfer has no tax implications and is not reported on your tax return.

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