Remember to always open your crypto exchange account for the 401k in the name of your 401k Trust. If you are establishing an account for your IRA LLC, this account will be in the name of the LLC.

Easy Path (Quick & Simple)

Activate crypto trading in your Solo 401k by opening a Gemini account through our partnership!

Step 1: Open an account

Click the button below and complete the short intake form. Then, our team will handle the rest! We can typically have accounts opened in 3-7 business days.

Step 2: Fund your account

Once your account is open, connect your Solo 401k Trust bank account in just a couple clicks. Then, you can wire funds in and out of your Solo 401k bank <> crypto exchange account.

Step 3: Start investing!

As soon as funds land in your crypto trading account, you're ready to start investing!

DIY Path (Longer & Harder)

1) Before You Get Started:

Gather the following documents to set yourself up for success:

  • Trust EIN Letter

  • 401k adoption agreement

  • 401k Trust agreement

  • Copy of Gemini application (you can fill this application out directly on the Gemini website, but this copy will let you review the application in advance, if desired).

2) How to Set Up Your Gemini Account

  1. Establish your Solo 401k or IRA LLC account with Nabers Group

  2. Locate your Solo 401k documents on your Solo 401k dashboard

  3. Click below to start your Gemini Client Registration:

  4. Fill out the form:
    - Input your 401k Trust name or IRA LLC name as the Legal Business Name;
    - For a 401k trust, select Company Type: “Profit Sharing/Pension/Retirement-Plan (Employer Sponsored)”
    - For an IRA LLC, select "Personal/Private Investment Vehicle"

  5. When directed after submission, choose “Institutional Account Application”

  6. Use the instructions below to fill out and submit your Gemini Institutional Application.

3) How to Complete the Application

Section One: Company Information

  1. Company Name: Enter your Trust name (for a Solo 401k) or LLC name (for an IRA LLC)

  2. Your Solo 401k trust does not have a DBA - leave blank

  3. Enter the state where your reside for Jurisdiction of Incorporation

  4. Date of Incorporation: Enter the date on your Trust EIN or IRA LLC EIN letter

  5. Tax ID: Enter in your Trust EIN (Solo 401k) or LLC EIN (IRA LLC)

  6. Enter your best contact telephone number

  7. Bearer Shares: Select “no” (not applicable to 401k trust or IRA LLC)

Section (1a): Registered Company Address

Enter the street address, city, state, zip, country for your Solo 401k trust or IRA LLC

Section (1b): Enter your trust or LLC address (if different from Section 1(a))

Section (1c): Business Activity Questions (non-operating companies, skip to next section)

Skip the bottom portion of section - your 401k trust or IRA LLC is not an operating business.

  1. Description of Business Activity: Passive investing of 401k/IRA funds

  2. Company website: N/A

  3. Has the company raised funds, or is planning to raise funds, through an ICO/STO/IEO: “No”

  4. Is the company listed on a stock exchange? “No”

  5. Is the company a financial institution? “No”

  6. Leave the rest of this section blank

Section (1d): Purpose of Account and Expected Activity

  1. Describe purpose of accounts with Gemini: Invest 401k/IRA funds

  2. Will the company be linking a bank account from a jurisdiction other than the jurisdiction of the inc.? No

  3. Leave jurisdictions blank (you are only operating in the US where your 401k trust or IRA LLC was formed)

  4. Describe the anticipated funding and transactional activity: initial funding amount: Enter your bets estimate of incoming funds. This does not have to be an exact number.

  5. Ongoing Funding: Monthly/Quarterly/ Yearly (Insert Amount); Trading volume (Enter best estimate) Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly

  6. Expected Transactional Patterns: Insert best anticipated patterns

Section 2a and 2b: Beneficial Owners And Control Persons
As the 401k plan trustee or IRA LLC manager, you are the beneficial owner/control person of your Gemini account. You are in charge of how the funds are invested and you are the ultimate owner of those retirement funds.

  • Fill out section 2a and 2b with your information.

  • Enter 100% of beneficial ownership in Section 2a

Section 3: Authorized Users
If you already have a personal or company Gemini account, enter the name of the account holder in the first line:

Enter your information as the authorized user in Section 3. If your spouse is authorized to send funds/invest (because they are a co-trustee in your 401k trust), enter their information in this section.

Section 4: Sign and Date

How to Submit Your Application to Gemini

Once the application is complete, submit to Gemini along with the following supporting documents:

How to Fund Your Account

Send a wire from your 401k trust bank account or LLC bank account to Gemini.

Once the account is open, Gemini will provide wire instructions and a special wire reference number just for your account. Always use this wire reference code when sending funds to your Gemini account for your Solo 401k trust and/or IRA LLC.

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