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How to Open an ErisX Crypto Exchange Account
How to Open an ErisX Crypto Exchange Account

ErisX is a crypto exchange platform ready to open an account for your Solo 401k trust. Read on to learn more!

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ErisX: Get Prepared

Remember to always open your crypto exchange account for the 401k in the name of your 401k Trust. If you are establishing an account for your IRA LLC, this account will be in the name of the LLC.

How to Set Up Your ErisX Account:

  1. Email [email protected] with your name and Solo 401k Trust or IRA LLC name.

  2. ErisX will send you a DocuSign application to complete from the ErisX onboarding team.

    IMPORTANT: (Do not try to sign up online before emailing the onboarding team and receiving a response)

Items to Have Ready for Your ErisX Application:

  • Trust EIN Letter

  • 401k adoption agreement

  • 401k Trust agreement

  • A valid U.S. government issued Driver’s License for Account Owner

  • Valid U.S. government issued Driver's License for Trustee (if Trustee is an individual, but not the Account Owner)

  • IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

How Long Does It Take To Open an Account?

Typically, the ErisX team only needs 4-5 business days to approve your Solo 401k Trust or IRA LLC exchange account.

What Crypto Assets are on the Platform?

ErisX offers spot and futures trading on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin as well as general trades of those supported crypto assets.

How to Complete an ErisX Application:

Remember, the way to get started is simply to email [email protected] with your name and Solo 401k Trust or IRA LLC name. ErisX will then send you a DocuSign application to complete. The steps below will walk you through completing the DocuSign from the ErisX team.

Account Owner (Trust)

  1. `Enter your Trust name as the account name

  2. Use the mailing address, phone number and email address listed for your Trust

  3. Enter your 401k trust EIN

Trustee Information

  1. Enter your information as plan Trustee information

  2. Enter your spouse as co-trustee (if applicable)

Beneficiaries: List primary and contingent beneficiaries (who should receive the assets in the case of your passing - note: we strongly recommend you list the same individuals as in your beneficiary designation documents for the 401k trust)

Employer Information: Enter your business (sponsoring your Solo 401k plan)

Applicant Contact Information: Enter your information, even if already named above as plan trustee:

Questions: Answer questions as appropriate for your situation.

Financial institution: Enter the bank account information for where your 401k trust funds are held (e.g. Solera Bank or Titan Bank).

Question #10: Answer "yes"

Complete and sign as account owner:

Member-Master Agreement Notes:

  • Member: Solo 401k Trust

  • Member address: 401k Trust mailing address

  • Member title: Trustee

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