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Why is Nabers Services listed in my plan documents?
Why is Nabers Services listed in my plan documents?
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Nabers Services is an IRS plan document provider. We write a 401k plan and submit it to the IRS. When we receive approval, it's called a "prototype plan". Our approval is validated by an IRS Opinion Letter (in your 401k dashboard).

Our clients (you) "adopt" our pre-approved plan via an adoption agreement.

Therefore, because it is our plan that is approved by the IRS, you'll see our name on the cover page of the Trust agreement and the adoption agreement. This is the industry standard for all prototype retirement plans.

Here's how the two documents work together:

Adoption Agreement:

  • The first 5 pages contain important information including client name (as trustee), trust name, trust tax ID number, etc.

  • The very last page of the adoption agreement reads: This Adoption Agreement may be used only in conjunction with Basic Plan Document #20 (the Nabers Services, LLC Prototype Defined Contribution Plan) Revised 6/30/2020

  • That's what connects the adoption agreement (client business) to our master prototype plan.

Trust Agreement:

  • Similarly (and correctly), our name is on the title page of the Trust Agreement. This is correct as is, and may not be modified.

  • The client signs as a trustee on the final page of the trust agreement

When you combine the adoption agreement + Trust agreement, you can see how you have adopted our pre-approved Solo 401k plan for use in your business.

As the 401k plan administrator and trustee, you have full authority to decide where/how your Solo 401k funds are invested.

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