Lower Your Fees on Gemini

Make this quick but important update to your Gemini account to ensure the lowest fees!

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Here's a quick but important update you must make to ensure you are getting the lowest fees.

You need to take action to minimize your trading fees.

If you do nothing, your account is set to “basic trader” and your trade fee from Gemini will be 1.40%. That’s not a bad deal.

But if you want your Gemini fee to be reduced to 1% flat, follow the instructions below to go to Settings and set your account to ActiveTrader.

The ActiveTrader interface is more advanced and may be harder to learn to use, but it has a lower fee.

If you prefer the easiest to use interface and don’t might the fee premium, you can take no action, leave your account in Basic trader mode, and enjoy the easy interface.

How to Change from Basic to Active Trader

The switch is one-click easy, but critical to ensuring you're paying lower transaction fees!

  1. Log into your Gemini account at https://gemini.com

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Scroll down to "Trading Interface"

  4. Click "Active Trader"

Hint: You can tell "at a glance" if you are setup as Basic (higher fees) or ActiveTrader:



IMPORTANT: Active Trader is only available on the desktop app. If you use your mobile to trade, you will be subject to standard pricing and fees (not Active Trader).

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