Now that your crypto trading account has been activated, it's time to fund your account.

You can wire funds to Gemini from any bank or brokerage account connected to your Solo 401k trust or Checkbook IRA.

  1. Log in at

    Important: Login using the same email address you used on your initial Gemini application with Nabers Group

  2. Add Payment Method (if pop-up appears)

  3. Follow instructions to link bank account

If the pop-up does not appear when you login, you can easily generate your personal wire reference code right in your Gemini account.

  1. Log into Gemini

  2. Select Transfer --> Deposit into Gemini

  3. Add a bank account

  4. Follow instruction to link bank account

Once your bank account is linked, you'll have the option to view wire instructions:

Important: Make sure you include your wire reference number on all incomings to Gemini to avoid any delays in funds crediting to your account.

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