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How to Wire Funds Out of Your Solera Bank Account
How to Wire Funds Out of Your Solera Bank Account

Learn how to wire funds from your Solera Bank account

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1. Log into your Solera Bank Account:

2. Select Wire Transfers ---> Select Send Single Wire Transfer

3. Choose wire amount and originating account

  • Input how much you will be transferring.

  • Select which account (you may need to do two wires if you have Pretax and Roth funds).

4. Enter your trust information as the beneficiary

  • Beneficiary's full name: Trust Name

  • Beneficiary address: Trust Address

  • Beneficiary's account number: the account where you are wiring the funds to

5. Leave intermediary institution blank and input receiving bank as beneficiary institution.

6. Confirm your wire is complete

You will receive a confirmation email from Solera Bank showing your successful transfer.

Helpful Resources You Need to Know:

  • If you are closing the account after you transfer your funds, make sure to minus $30 from your total. Solera has a $30 wire fee. This means you will want to leave $30 in the account.

  • If you intend on closing the account: After the funds are transferred out, you will want to call Solera and request to close the account.

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