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I have business partners - where are they excluded in my Solo 401k plan documents?
I have business partners - where are they excluded in my Solo 401k plan documents?

Review this article for info on where to see other owners excluded in your plan documents

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To preface, most Solo 401k plans are not multi-owner plans.

If your business has non-spouse partners/owner(s), you’ll need a special type of plan where the other owner(s) are excluded from participating. This special type of plan requires additional work from our documents team, as well as an administrative fee to prepare the required special exclusions.

The (non-spouse) owners of your business are excluded by role title from participating in your Solo 401k.

If you have a Multi-Owner Plan, please read the following to identify important information in your plan.

Access Your Plan Documents

Log into your Solo 401k dashboard at Then pull up your documents. Click on your initials in the top right corner of the screen and select “Documents”.

Select your plan documents that will be labeled something similar to Solo 401k Plan & Trust_ Multi_Owner

Once that has been located, download or view the file.

Review Multi-Owner Business Solo 401k Information

Our documents team will list the excluded non-spouse owner role titles on Page 9 of your plan document package in the Summary Plan Description:

Non-spouse owners are also listed on page 30 (in your Adoption Agreement) as excluded from making any contributions to your Solo 401k plan:

These exclusions mean the non-spouse owners of your business are unable be able to participate in your plan. This allows the plan to remain truly "Solo".

If your business partners would like a plan of their own, they would open their own Solo 401k plan for the same business. Their plan should include the same exclusion so that you aren’t eligible to participate in their plan.

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